Quote is a critical process which plays an important role in enabling companies to achieve their business priorities and it is also one of the main pillars of any company’s sales operations, to deliver tangible business results. To get the quickest of quote service, ParaVPCB should be your outsourcing partner which provides data with accuracy and speed.


Generally customer places RFQ (Requst For Quotation) with multiple vendors/service providers and we ensure to get back to the customer at the earliest. A flexible and knowledgeable team ensures speed and quality for delivery of such a critical service.


The first step is to define the perfect product for the customer by selecting from available features. Supplied files will be verified and data will be analyzed to find any issues in it. Details extracted from customer data will be filled in the quote page or sheet and all critical issues will be reported to the customer. Even though quoting is a short process, it needs a high level concentration to ensure that specs given anywhere in the supplied data is not missed in the completed quote...!


Dedicated quote team at ParaVPCB allows the customer to increase the manufacturing orders by getting a quote filled with accurate specs at the quickest lead time possible. A critical process missed during quoting will definitely affect not only the pricing but also the lead time. So, a quality review is a must which is guaranteed at ParavPCB. Also, quotes received from the customer will be processed and sent back in an hour. We have been doing the quote service for few customers across UK and US who has seen a definite improvement in their business growth.

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