Overload Management


When business develops workload automatically increases and it has to be handled carefully to make sure that we are providing it with quality and time. ParaVPCB will be the best solution to make this much easier and also helps your business growth in this competitive PCB field. One of our past customers recommended ParaVPCB for a customer who is in need of an immediate support for their CAM overload.


Team size for every customer will be based on the jobs they sent to us on a regular basis. But our system is so unique where we can handle almost two times of the regular work load. With our internal work system and CAM expertise, we will be able to adapt even a new customer’s requirements in a quickest way possible.


Managing almost two times of the regular work is possible with our streamlined process. We have standard action items to make this much easier. Below is the way

* An up-to-date checklist which is easier for everyone to follow even for a new engineer.
* Supporting work for the jobs in which half of the job will be processed by an experienced engineer from another team.
* Dedicated and experienced engineers who are aware of such hectic situation and ready to work overtime on their own interest.
* Team size will be increased with additional engineers if overload continues for around week time.


With the combination of our standardized work flow and dedicated team work, we have been a wonderful in-house support for this customer at the time of overload. As a result, this customer has recommended our service to other customers and we feel such a kind act as big recognition for our excellent service.

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