With the increase in workload and to reduce errors in manual work, automation is the most importance part of process. It not only reduces the errors but also saves time which automatically improves our business growth.


Since PCB inductry is getting more and more competitive, customers are automating their workflow to provide quicker delivery with quality. ParaVPCB has an excellent scripting team to give you an additional resources in the form of automation.


One of our customers asked us to develop a scripting package for their internal CAM team. Being their outsourcing partner, it was easy for us to understand their requirements and workflow. It took around three months period to provide them a complete package of CAM process. Once we checked and start using the package, both of us noticed a big improvement in processing time as we were able to complete a job around 3 hours which previously took around 4 hours to complete a similar job.


With an enhanced automation, we were able to avoid the errors which previously occurred with the manual work. We have been developing single script (specific process) as well as script package based on the customer’s requirement. As a result, we have started getting request from various customers to develop an automation for their internal CAM work. We have succesfully created script package for few of our customers which has speed up their process and also helped them to improve their business to the next level.


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